Tuesday, October 27, 2009

350 Day of Action in Nepal

The Climate Advocacy Institute, held in July by IDEA, Bloomfield College and 350.org, has encouraged its graduates to stay involved in the 350 movement. This past Saturday, October 24th, was the highly-anticipated 350.org Climate Change Day of Action. With over 5,200 events in 181 countries, and 19,000 pictures submitted to 350.org, the Day of Action was considered a huge success!

Buhwan, a past participant in the Climate Advocacy Institute, partnered with the 350 Nepal team to coordinate events across their region, including a march in Kathmandu, a lighting of butter lamps at Swambhu, and a cycle rally. In addition, Buhwan played a significant role in circulating an international petition to a network of organizations and individuals working on the climate change issue. The Nepal petition spoke on behalf of Nepal, one of the ten most vulnerable countries to climate change. It was delivered to the US, China, Japan, India, and EU embassies in Nepal on October 24th. Check out more photos of all the action in Nepal on October 24th.

Click here to read about how other IDEA participants contributed to the 350 Day of Action.

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i was also involvced