Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sign the Nepal petition

Support 350 effort and combat climate change

The 350 team from Nepal has put forth a petition to show the governments of the United States, China, Japan, India, and the European Union people’s demand for more constructive action toward climate change negotiations. The petition will be delivered to these government embassies in Nepal on October 24th, the 350 Global Day of Climate Change.

Go to, sign this petition, and pass it along. This petition is especially meaningful for Nepal, as it is among the ten most vulnerable countries. Climate change is threatening their Himalayas, endangering the region’s biodiversity, and destroying local livelihood systems. To combat these issues, the 350 Nepal team, a network of local organizations and individuals, worked together to form this petition.

The 350 movement is a green movement aimed at uniting the world in order to achieve a safe level of global carbon emissions, which is 350 parts per million. This past summer, 350, Bloomfield College, and IDEA partnered to host the Climate Advocacy Institute, which hosted international students. Many of the participants are now working, in similar ways as the Nepal team, to spread the 350 mission in their own communities.

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