Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Dutch debate manual to help with Debate in the Neighborhood projects

A new manual on debate has been produced by Doutsen Langhout, IDEA-Netherland's program director. The title of the book , "Logisch Toch?", Dutch for "logical, isn't it?", is a phrase commonly used in persuasive dialogue. The manual will be used for the Debate in the Neighborhood projects in the Netherlands and will help trainers, debate mentors, and trainees learn how to improve their debate using sound and well-founded arguments. The book also focuses on developing presentation skills and how to effectively use emotions to persuade opponents without compromising the main message.

Doutsen, a teacher by profession, wrote the book so that teachers in the classroom, as well as students in vocational high schools, can grasp the sometimes difficult concepts of debate through a clear-cut explanation. The pictures and sketches in the book, produced by Geert Gratama, also help illustrate the lighter, fun side of debate.

Look for a copy at the upcoming IDEA Exchange in London!

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