Monday, October 05, 2009

Lithuania victorious in first World Online Debating Championship

Congratulations to the debate team from Lithuania, winners of the first-ever World Online Debating Championships. Since the commencement of the tournament on August 10th, Lithuania emerged victorious in all five rounds of the tournament.

In the final, Lithuania (proposition) and England (opposition) debated over the topic, "We should prize freedom over security and abolish anti-terrorism legislation." In the end, the panel of six world-class judges selected Lithuania as the winner. Judge Colm Flynn, former chair of the World's Council, praised the final debate, "I think it is the best of the debates I have judged, with the two best performances I have seen coming from the teams in the final as you would hope a final should be, but rarely is." The two teams competed fiercely for the WODC victory.

Hosted by, in association with IDEA, the competition invites national teams from every corner of the globe to debate against each other about important issues facing the world today. Participation in these debates opens up a unique opportunity to gain different perspectives to any debater with an internet connection. Hopefully the next WODC will be just as competitive and exciting as the inaugural tournament, and with even more teams who are willing to take on the world champions from Lithuania.

For more information on the World Online Debate Championship, visit the website or their Facebook page. The second WODC is slated for early 2010. If you'd like to take part, send an email to

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