Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Global Youth Panel offers young people a voice in the UN Climate Change Conference

The most important environmental conference of the decade will take place in Copenhagen this December. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is expecting representatives from over 170 countries to attend, in an effort to discuss today's pressing environmental issues.

Debatewise and IDEA are doing their part by calling on youth who would like to contribute to this cause by serving on The Global Youth Panel. The aim of this panel is to create a one-thousand strong focus group of young, proactive, and passionate debaters to have their say on what happens in Copenhagen. Members of the panel will debate on the issues as they arise, and other members will vote on the points that have been made. The results will be released to the press as an indication of what young people around the world think of decisions made at the conference.

This is a unique opportunity to play a significant role in a very important global event, the consequences of which will have a huge impact on the world the youth are about to inherit. To learn more about The Global Youth Panel, or to sign up, visit Debatewise.

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