Thursday, October 22, 2009

Earn extra points for Global Debates contest by engaging local leaders

A new challenge has been added to this year's The People Speak Global Debates contest. If local elected leaders attend a team's debate event, the team collects 500 extra points! This new portion of the contest was inspired by an event held a few Global Debates seasons ago. One of the most active debate schools from Los Angeles, California invited Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to attend their public debate on climate change. Not only did he attend the event, but he participated by speaking to the entire student body.

To secure your team's extra 500 points, simply send in proof of your local leader's participation in your Global Debate Event. Include a the name and a picture of the leader, the event and date he or she attended, and his or her contact information. Find out more about how to engage your local leader in your event by downloading the toolkit.

Not participating in this fall's Global Debate contest? Find out how you and your debate team can participate the Spring Global Debates.

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