Friday, October 02, 2009

Jumpstart your Global Debate with Debatepedia!

October is here, and that means high schools around the world are starting their The People Speak Global Debates right now! Debate and earn extra points by writing letters to local representatives and improving your community through a service project. It’s not too late to get involved. Just submit registration, download the toolkit, and start debating!

This fall’s topic is “When it cannot do both, the United Nations should prioritize poverty reduction over combating climate change.”

Need help getting started?

Poverty is a leading cause of war because it breeds illiteracy, misunderstandings and tensions. Reducing poverty would reduce national and international conflict. On the other hand, curbing climate change would reduce competition and conflict over scarce fossil fuels. Is poverty or climate change a greater priority for international security? Find more arguments on Debatepedia’s exclusive Climate Change and Poverty Portal that offers a comprehensive collection of evidence that suggests possible pros and cons for the topic.

Find additional resources for your team’s debate and activities on the People Speak Website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Submit your debate and points activities by December 15 to win great prizes like iPod Shuffles, a trip to the 2010 Youth Forum, and more! Speak up and change the world.

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