Sunday, July 30, 2006

Korean Debater Stung by Bee, Rushes to Hospital!

Fresh off of Korea’s Karl Popper victory, proud Korean debater Albert decided to celebrate his nation’s victory by skipping through the fields of wild flowers, berries, and horse dung. “I was so happy, I couldn’t control myself,” said Albert, “Before I knew it, I was nude, running through the meadow, singing Korean national songs.” Albert’s celebratory singing soon caught the attention of a bee, which stung Albert in the neck. “I’m allergic to all types of bugs, but especially to Romanian bees, because they are really fat. They are like Japanese Sumo bees.”

Albert was rushed to a nearby hospital. Ten hours later, Albert reached the hospital, to find that it was closed for a Kitsch party. Fortunately, a skilled janitor opened the door and poured some poisonous bleach into Albert’s wound, and began the surgery.

When Albert awoke, he was back in his room at Hotel Belvedere. “At first, I felt normal, but when I stood up, I noticed a sharp object sticking out of my bummy.” Upon inspection, Albert noticed that he had grown a giant bee stinger. “I tripped over myself, but with a few jumps, soon, I was flying above the entire forum.”

Ever since being bitten, Albert is highly attracted to flowers, spending hours licking them, instead of preparing for the water topic. “I have no time for preparation,” said an upset Albert, “I have honey to make.” Upon saying this, Albert squatted and then jumped back up, revealing a jar of all natural, non-pasteurized, honey.

“Want to try some?” asked Albert.

Upon trying some, I gasped, “What’s in this?”

Albert smiled, “Just my honey, and so it’ll keep well on the shelves, some hydrogenated oil.”

I collapsed to the floor, as volunteers contacted the hospital.

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