Sunday, July 30, 2006


As you all know, during the medieval night festivities, there was a grand contest to win the hand of a fair maiden, the beautiful Romanian Princess Catalina. While many valiant knights from all over the world took up the tasks, it was the legendary South African hero, Popo Mfubu who won the great honour.

Mfubu was humble in victory, greeting Princess Catalina in a gentlemanly manner. However, not too long after medieval night was over, scandal has broke out. Princess Catalina is PREGNANT!

When informed of the news, the brave knight, for the first time in his life, was in a state of terrible fright, muttering, “All I did was touch her shoulder.” Well Popo, a touch is all it takes nowadays.

Will Prince Popo pop the marriage question? That’s not certain. For now, all he’s been popping is his eyes. Bewildered, Popo was heard saying, “Oh my goodness, my mom’s gonna smack my bottom for this!” Fortunately, the distraught Popo is being comforted by his mixed team.

Things are working out much better for Princess Catalina. Just this morning, Catalina gave birth to a healthy, three ounce baby teddy bear. The cheerful mother smiled, “This is truly a blessing. My husband Popo and I are very happy.”

Prince Popo interrupted, “Husband! I just touched your shoulder, lightly brushed it really – accidently.”

Well Popo, that’s all it takes in Romania.

“But I thought it was just a game?” pleaded Popo.

Popo, there are no games in Romania.

But there are baby names. During the baby shower (an all girl party for mother and child), Princess Catalina named the lucky baby, PoCa, after Popo and Catalina. “PoCa, like the dance, but spelled differently,” giggled Catalina to a room full of her jealous girlfriends, which included Barbie and a poster of Hermione from Harry Potter.

Despite Popo’s shock, reluctance, dismay, facial ticks, and panic attacks, it looks as though the regal Princess will carry the new family through all of this. True to her royal elegance, Princess Catalina is a beacon of calm and strength. Catalina promises, “In a few days, when he is strong enough, our baby PoCa will be released into the wild.”

The last they were seen together, the stunning Princess Catalina was explaining traditional Romanian ways to the handsome knight, Prince Popo. Appropriately, things seemed to end happily ever after, when the royal couple finally embraced in a friendly hug.

This just in: Catalina is expecting three more children, PoCalina, CoPo, and Copa Cabana.

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