Friday, July 28, 2006

Shop, Till They Drop

A female Romanian volunteer
carries up wood that will be carved
into a trophy stand by Prof. Robert Trapp
As indicated in the first post, we all know what it’s like to travel up a mountain – a small price to pay for a view atop the world. But, imagine if you had to make such a trip several times. Did you observe that Romanian volunteers are repeatedly, and willingly, trekking up and down these mountains? Did you notice that they climb back up with heavy bags loaded on their backs?
You see, for the first time in forum history, you can be spoiled like royalty. Volunteers here are willing to not only take your money down to get exchanged, but are also willing to do your shopping for you!

Here, a volunteer eagerly gives blood,
before he runs off to calculate a visiting
coach's tax return.

When I asked a few volunteers how they have the energy to do this, they simply collapsed to the floor, gasping for water. At this point, doctors arrived, not to help the tired volunteers, but to take their blood. On the side, volunteers must donate their blood to trainers whose livers have been overworked during the country exhibition or “alcohol tasting” night.
Yesterday, while debaters enjoyed a trip to the city, a volunteer was seen giving his much beloved kidney to a needy coach. Thank you slave donkeys, I mean volunteers.

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Anonymous said...

u should be more appreciative of the "donkeys" cuz they`re doing a great job!!!