Friday, July 28, 2006

So Many Trips, So Little Time

There are three upcoming trips offered to debaters. Deciding on only one can be quite difficult, so let’s break down the various resolutions. The first one is a hike into the wilderness, also known as the “Do you value your life?” trip. Interestingly, this trip is free, because you will need to save your money for the medical bills. The next one is a trip to Dracula’s castle, which is a trip that promises to give you immortality, in exchange, of course, for a bite to the neck and your soul. Immortality comes at a cost though; hence, this is the most expensive trip. The third one is a trip to a fancy castle, famous because it is decorated with silver and gold. This is the trip if you need some extra money. Be sure to take a spoon with you and scrape off some of the silver and gold. Then, you will be able to pay for a trip to Dracula’s castle, after which, because you’d become a vampire, you will be able to travel through the wilderness frightening bears.

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