Saturday, July 29, 2006

This Day in Romanian History

In 70 BC, the slave Spartacus led a revolt against the Roman army. Is Spartacus Romanian? Quite possibly. Three out of four doctors think so. But, there is no need to dwell on definitions or statistics, so let’s move on. Some say the greatest Spartacus moment involved several defeats over the Roman legions, thus inspiring movements to empower the social underclass and ethnically segregated. In actuality, Spartacus’s greatest legacy is giving us women who take their clothes off. Spartacus inspires a film version starring American Kirk Douglas and a television film with Croatian Goran Višnjić. Kirk Douglas is famous for being the father of Michael Douglas, who starred in Basic Instinct, with co-star Sharon Stone and Sharon Stone’s body – congratulations! And Goran is in a music video with the beautiful, gyrating hips of Madonna. None of this would have been possible without the great sacrifices made by history’s most famous Romanian, -- all hail Spartacus! Let us now observe a minute of silence . . . and pictures of Sharon Stone and Madonna.

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