Friday, July 28, 2006

When the Stars are Out

Every night, under the beautiful starry sky, a bear has been visiting the hotel dumpster, trying to fatten itself up as much as possible and, as easily as possible, before winter. However, it turns out that the bear is actually a cleverly deployed distraction. While forum participants stare out at the bear, a suspicious stranger goes to work, sneaking into rooms. So, be careful! The dangerous culprit is an out of work American actor who has moved to Romania; his name is Count Dracula. Since he overacts in every one of his films, and despite being an inspiration for Jim Carrey’s new School of Over-actors, Dracula has not found much quality work in recent years, being turned down for a role as Hamlet in the seven hundredth BBC film production.
Dracula as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark/Darkness.
If you see this unemployed thespian, don't run away.
All he wants is love and to be loved. Please note:
Youth Forum Romania is not liable in the likely event
that you contract Hepatits-C from Dracula.

As a result, Dracula has been reduced to bothering forum participants, urging them to sit patiently, while he performs a monologue about the undead or laughs hideously, while peaking through his cape. Joining Dracula, ever since his Blade series has ended, Wesley Snipes has also been spotted in Romania, hoping to make a buddy cop comedy with Dracula and, everybody’s favorite, Tom Hanks. Romania is famous for being an excellent cinematic location, for such films as Cold Mountain and American Pie Goes to Romania. Now, Romania can proudly say Hollywood stars are here to stay!

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