Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Demo Debate - Trainers Show Off!

Bottled Water Leaves us Thirsty! The very first debate at this year's IDEA Forum was a clash of the titans [titans = trainers] before an esteemed audience of Forum participants. These are some of the photos from the debate... more after the break.

And check out IDEA Radio! We will be streaming the debate by the end of today.

Affirmative side defended by Branka, Spela and Manolis.

Negative Side - The Attackers - Vivek, Aaron and Mark.

Manolis is the first to launch the "water" missiles.

Mark threatens to return the favour... err, the missiles. Manolis is caught off guard?

Wonder what they are all looking at?

I'm launching the "water"missiles right now.!!! ZWIIINNNGG!!!!!

More photos after the break... peace out!

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