Monday, July 16, 2007

Updates from Duino: Live From the Frontlines

The people in Duino and the surrounding area are getting to know the Debate and Citizen Journalism participants quite well, thanks to those ambitious student journalists seeking stories. Today, as I walked through quaint, friendly little Duino, IDEA-ites were out and about, interviewing florists, artists, and other assorted Duino community members. On Wednesday night, Citizen Journalism students will present their final story and photos. The last batch of stories were great; I can't wait to see what they're all going to report on this time.

We have some exciting events on the agenda for this week! We'll have our usual schedule of classes, with an excursion to Trieste on Wednesday. We also have some great evening activities coming up! Monday night is movie and discussion night; Tuesday night is staff debate night (a little glimpse of the experts, eh?).Wednesday night, we'll be having more Citizen Journalism presentations; Thursday is a dance and Kitsch night; and finally, for Friday, we'll have an awards presentation and a second round of BorFest. We're hoping that "Borfest 6.5" is as much fun as "Borfest 6," but sequels are sometimes disappointing...

We're having a heat wave here in Duino, but participants are still hard at work. There's no stopping these ambitious debaters and journalists! Photos above are from our "Night of Nations" last Friday.

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