Monday, July 23, 2007

Duino Final Days

So, IDEA has moved on to the next event. Youth Forum has begun in Trest!

But, we still owe a few words to Duino. Back in Duino, the Foresteria is empty (but I'm sure the fire alarm is still going off!), the ice cream sales at the Castel and Tuttido have dropped immensely, and the mosquitoes are experiencing a famine. There isn't anyone yelling out the windows of the Foresteria past curfew, and there is suddenly a surplus of Nutella in the village.

Thank you to all participants and staff for making this year at Duino successful and memorable. We will have articles and pictures of this year's Duino Institute in idebate Magazine, and you can view materials that were made at Duino at and also on the IDEA Encyclomedia. There are also articles and debate materials from Duino on the Wiki at You can even add your own material to the Wiki!

Until next year, Ciao Ciao Duino.

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