Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Draga Banda Rulez!

Matej Kolav, vocal and violin, Vojta Kolav, percussion and tarabuka, and Predrag Duvonjic, vocal and guitar are the prominent members of "Draga Banda" (Dear Band).

These guys made a brilliant performance last night at IDEA Youth Forum. They first started playing 5 years ago. Predrag is Bosnian who came to the Czech Republic when the war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegowina. Vojta and Matej are natively from Jihlava which holds a dear place in their hearts and their music.

Predrag in a musical trance.

Vojta doing his thing. :)

Matej playing an old medieval fiddle [shkripky].

For those of you at the Forum who did not show up last night, you missed out on a great experience. The combination of music and emotion backed up by a dedicated audience provided for a true international Forum happening.

Nevertheless, for you who missed out, as well as our vast international audience, IDEA Radio is here to convey this experience [albeit in auditory fashion only] over the course of the next few weeks. Look for the "Draga Banda" live performance exclusively on IDEA Radio!

Rock on! Well, ethno on...

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