Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Howdy Everyone:

I figured I'd share some photos from Uganda, while I was sitting around trying to recover from jet lag (how do you do it, Noel!?) The pictures are mostly of the kids doing mock parliament sessions, and a few group photos (the big group photo was takewn at a spot inside the fabled and contoversial Mabira rainforest).

Anyway, the Uganda trip was a huge success, I think, in large part to the kids who went (Americans as well as Ugandans), and the grown-ups who looked after them for three weeks in Africa. And let's not forget the organizers from Willamette University and CRY Uganda who put this all together. On a personal note, Uganda is now down in my book as the friendliest country I've ever visited, surplanting a now strong second-placed Estonia... (Sorry Kajar!)

I think I speak for all the Americans when I say that we can't wait for the Ugandans to come to Oregon so we can reciprocate the hospitality. It should be almost as fun to show the US to the Ugandan kids, as it was for us to discover Africa with them!

See you in Prague!

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