Thursday, July 05, 2007

IDEA National Junior Forensic League National Championship Tournament Public Forum, LD, Extemp, and Dramatic Results

Hi Readers in the IDEA Blogosphere,

Here are the results from the IDEA-NJFL tournament. The event ended last Sunday, July 1, and by all accounts it was a great event, and everyone is looking forward to next years.

Public Forum Debate:


Terran Hause & Jordan Stark (Windsor MS)
James Wadman & Rafael Go (Sydney-Lanier)
Bennett Ostdiek & Max Patterson (Sydney Lanier)
Joshua Martinez & Myles Miller (Bronx Prep)

Sydney Lanier Middle School in Houston, TX closed out semi's and did not want its teams to be ranked, so all are billed as co-champions:
John Wang & Yue Wu
Alexander Hoyer & Justin Battle
Nathan Burchard & Marcel Hernandez
Reid Geissen & Noah Morrison

Lincol Douglas Debate:


Aamil Sarfani (St, Mary's Hall)
Vikram Iyer (sydney Lanie)
Leo Putnam (Sydney Lanier)
Bradford Reed (Sydney Lanier)


Robert Hollar (Ribet Academy)
Jessica Im Lee (CNMI Saipan)

Again, in LD, Sydney Lanier closed out finals, and both debaters chose to be co-champions instead of being ranked:

Zachary Ward
Brit Byrd

Extemporaneous Speaking:

1st: Brit Byrd (sydney Lanier)
2nd: Rafael Go (sydney Lanier)
3rd: Bradford Reed (sydney Lanier)
4th: Bennett Ostdiek (Sydney Lanier)
5th: Ryan Smith (Lewis Palmer)
6th: Reid Geissen (Sydney Lanier)
7th: Robyn Straus (St. Mary's Hall)
8th: Aamil Sarfani

Dramatic Interpretation:


Veronika Reidel (Heath MS)
Ellen Hunter (Heath MS)
David Janovsky (Pike MS)
Erin Cusenbary (St. Mary's)
Brenna McNeil (North MS)
Olivia Arena (Sydney Lanier)
Crystal Angevine (Windsor MS)
Amber Martinez (Ribet Academy)
Lola Coco (Sydney Lanier)
Alex Leal (Jane Long MS)


Tucker Hamilton (Mountain Ridge MS)
Paige Isuani (St. Clements)
John E. Elenzano (CNMI Saipan)
Stephanie Strehlow (St. Mary's Hall)
Brooks Naylor (St. Mary' Hall)
Madeline Azari (Brentwood MS)
Natalie Varnet (Lewis Palmer)
Daniela Rivera (Ribet Academy)
Adam Arsenault (Pike School)
Rachel Stern (Pike School)


1st: Alex Siverson (Russell MS)
2nd: Meagan Rowell (Lewis Palmer MS)
3rd: Sontasia Salsman (Heath MS)
4th: Hannah Viroslav (St. Mary's Hall)
5th: Mark Anthony Liban (CNMI Saipan)
6th: Krista Tremblay (St. Mary's Hall)
7th: Joshua Martinez (Bronx Prep)
8th: Alex Benton (Lewis Palmer)

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