Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Duino Day-to-Day

Greetings Faithful idebate Blog Readers,
We're wrapping things up here at Duino. We have two days of classes left. Students in debate classes are presenting their final debates (and they're doing a great job!), and the Citizen Journalism students are working like mad to get final stories finished. We get to see a sample of what some of the Citizen Journalism students have created on Friday during BorFest. In other news, it's about 100 degrees fahrenheit here, and we're all feeling like we may melt before we leave Duino. We'd become permanent Duino fixtures, like the castle: "Oh honey, we really should go to Duino and visit the site of melted students and IDEA staff. I hear it's more fascinating than Pompeii..." I'm signing off; this heat is really getting to me.

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