Friday, July 06, 2007

Nutella, My Nutella

The Daily Top Ten: What We Love about Duino

1) Nutella on fresh bread, on fingers, and mixed with coffee (?)

2) Nat Towsen's impressions

3) 80's Music from Wedding Receptions at the Castello

4) Marching through the streets of Venice with 59 other people

5) The Roma Pavillion at the Bienalle!!

6) The Moon shining over the Adriatic Sea

7) Bor's Turkish coffee

8) 11 pm Bed Checks

9) Mosquito Repellent

10) Interviewing Duino residents in pseudo-Italian: "Ciao--grazie!"


Anonymous said...

we also love Arminda for putting the whole thing together! Thank you Arminda! We appreciate your work!

Anonymous said...

We cannot have nutella on first place because there is no left. We miss You, nutella!!!
Anie CZ