Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Weekly: Global Debates and Updates from Forum

The IDEA Weekly, Volume 140
July 26, 2007
Dear INN Readers,
I hope this issue of the Weekly finds you well. I’m at the IDEA Youth Forum in Trest, Czech Republic. People here refer to Trest as a small village, but, coming from Duino, small is relative! The weather here is actually cool, which is kind of nice after being in Duino. Today, we’re wrapping up the quarter and semifinals and holding the finals in Prague tomorrow. For the latest on the Youth Forum, go to, see materials on our Wiki at, and listen to IDEA radio. ~Arminda

“Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop To Drink”
We’ve just entered the semi-finals at the Karl Popper Debate Championships, and the above statement is the resolution for semis. The teams advancing to the semis are Korea 1, Korea 4, Korea 6, and South Africa. It has been an intense day of debating, but we’re looking forward to the Country Expo tonight. I heard a rumor that Ukraine brought good vodka for the expo…

TPS Global Debates 2007-2008
If you haven’t heard the buzz on the TPS Global Debates yet, be sure to check out the details at This year, TPS looks different from years past. For the TPS Global Debates, you can get involved by organizing a debate at your school on the topic: “Resolved: Market mechanisms are preferable to regulatory approaches in reducing carbon emissions.” The coolest part? You and five other people from your school could with a trip to the U.N. Youth Summit in New York July 2008! There are also lots of other prizes and special benefits for IDEA members! For more information, go to The People Speak’s website and register. There is additional information on IDEA’s website at And, on October 19th, IDEA is sponsoring the 2007 Day of Debate--we're hoping that you will help us to set a record of the most debates in the most countries on one topic in one day. Learn how you can become involved in the Global Debates today!

The TPS Global Debates Festival in Haiti
As part of this year's the People Speak Global Debates, IDEA and its partner, Fokal, are pleased to invite high school debaters to the first international debate event it is hosting in Haiti. The event will take place in the beautiful city of Jacmel October 31st—November 4th, 2007. The festival will feature a five round debate tournament as well as training, discussions and cultural activities. All high schools who register for the TPS Global Debates 2007 will be eligible for participation in the Global Debates Festival. You can see more information about this event on IDEA’s website.

Duino 2008
If you wanted to sign up to attend the Duino Debate and Citizen Journalism Institute this year, but circumstances prohibited you from doing so, plan on attending next year! The Institute offers a variety of Debate and Journalism courses, and we hope to expand on our course offerings for next year. The Institute also includes excursions. This year, we traveled into Venice twice and will be going to Trieste tomorrow. The Institute will be open to high school students, university students, and post graduates next year. Don’t miss out!
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