Friday, April 30, 2010

IDEA and Tulane University start new generation of debate in New Orleans

A new wave of debate is spreading throughout the city of New Orleans. The project "Aristotle in New Orleans," is a service-learning course at Tulane University that collaborates with IDEA and the Middle School Public Debate Program. The program was created last fall by Tulane professor Ryan McBride, who was inspired to action by an IDEA training held in New Orleans just one year ago. Read more about McBride's recent actions.

Now, in an effort to form a city-wide debate league, more than 60 students from several New Orleans public and charter schools are enrolled in "Aristotle in New Orleans," which is coached by 39 Tulane University students. McBride is also offering free training sessions for local teachers who are interested in starting their own debate programs.

As a finale event of this year's program, a debate tournament was held Saturday, April 24th at Tulane University. The event brought together middle school students from six schools in New Orleans. The topic of the debate was whether improving the levees around New Orleans should be prioritized over restoring Louisiana coastal wetlands.

To learn more, check out an interview with McBride on a National Public Radio station affiliate in New Orleans. For more information on the "Aristotle in New Orleans" program, click here or email Ryan McBride.

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