Friday, April 30, 2010

IDEA holds first debate trainings in Southern China

On April 17-18, 2010, IDEA completed a province-wide training in the city of Nanning in Guangxi, China, which was the first IDEA training to ever be held in Southern China. This was also one of the first British Parliamentary Debate trainings in English and Mandarin to take place in the province of Guangxi.

The Southern China Training event was a two-day debate training held at Guangxi University. About 70-80 students participated in the training, and many came from far distances to do so. Some students and teachers from other cities in the province took up to nine hour bus and train rides. "I was inspired and touched by their motivation and eagerness to learn," said Lin Lu, the IDEA program coordinator in Southeast Asia.

The training was held in preparation for the IDEA China Open that will be held May 28-30 in Xi'an, China. IDEA trainer, Yang Ge, instructed the Mandarin Division, and IDEA trainers Holly Poole and Lin Lu led the English Division. These trainers are also part of the training teams for the China Open. More trainings in English, Mandarin, and Moot Court will be offered before the Open. For more information on trainings for the Open, click here, and for more information on the China Open, click here.

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