Friday, April 02, 2010

Students to share ideas at local debate festival in the Netherlands

On Thursday April 10th, IDEA-Netherlands, Zeeland's Institute for Social and Cultural Development (SCOOP), and the school ROC Zeeland will organize a debate festival in the city of Goes, Netherlands. The activities of the event will provide a unique opportunity for local audience members to get to know more young people and their views on current issues that are relevant to their community. The festival will be moderated by Tanja Jadnanansing, who is a program manager of NOS, a local public broadcasting company. The intense debating atmosphere will be alleviated with a performance by rapper Dzenan and a concluding awards ceremony.

The festival will mark the end of a debate course offered to ROC students, which focused on issues of social work and health care. This course was also an initiative of the long-term Debate in the Neighborhood program, which focuses on providing opportunities for debate and public speaking to youths in neighborhoods throughout the Netherlands.

For more information on the debate festival, please contact Doutsen Langhout ( To find out more about the Debate in the Neighborhood program, click here or visit the IDEA-Netherlands website.

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