Friday, April 30, 2010

Resources now available to help prepare for 2010 IDEA Youth Forum

With summer right around the corner, start preparing for the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum with the helpful resources section of the Youth Forum website. This section is aimed to help participants prepare for the Karl Popper Debate Championship. For those who want to get a head start on the second part of the event, this is also a good place to read more about the Mixed Team topic of migration, "governments should preserve rural life." In general, the resources section is a great place for those interested in topics that address migration, youth violence, and child labor!

As the Youth Forum nears, the resources section will grow with more core articles and their summaries, updates from daily press on these topics, and lesson plans that will help prepare your students. Other materials will also be posted, such as games, which will help students better understand the topics in a fun and entertaining way.

Keep updated on the Youth Forum and new resources at the website, and more importantly, share your research with others! If more research is available for all, the debates will be of high quality in general.

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