Saturday, April 17, 2010

Visa and financial aid information for Youth Forum now available

Fee waivers for the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum are being provided by IDEA-Netherlands, with support from the Open Society Institute (OSI) Youth Initiative. Although these waivers do not support travel and visa fees, IDEA does have resources than can help with fund-raising. Participants can apply for a fee waiver when filling out the online application. The registration deadline is May 15th.

After filling out an application for the Youth Forum, make sure to also apply for a visa. Participants can apply for a visa between three months and two weeks prior to departure at the appropriate embassy. In fact, about twenty countries who have either expressed interest or who traditionally attend the Youth Forum require visas to enter the Netherlands (the Schengen Zone). The visa procedure could last up to two months, so don't procrastinate! Contact the forum director for any necessary documentation that needs to be presented to the embassy.

For more information on registration, fee waivers, or the visa application process, contact the Youth Forum Director, Veronika Vlckova, at To learn more about this event, click here.

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