Friday, April 02, 2010

Make your way to the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum in the Netherlands!

Registration for the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum is now available! Here's your opportunity to join over sixty individuals from all over the world who have already registered, including teams from China, Egypt, Finland, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Moldova, Qaatar, Romania, United States, and Zambia. Click here to register!

Once accepted to the Youth Forum, participants should begin making travel plans. There are several options for transportation to the Youth Forum venue of Vlissengen, Zeeland. The Netherlands has one of the largest airports in Europe; Schiphol airport is only fifteen minutes from Amsterdam and two and a half hours from Vlissengen. Participants can also fly to smaller airports in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Brussels, or Dusseldorf that provide quality transportation using low-cost airlines. The Netherlands also has one of the densest railroad system and is well-connected to other European capitals; trains from the main cities to Vlissengen run every half hour. The bus connection, serviced by Eurolines, also runs from every capital in Europe. Whatever means of transportation you choose, make sure you arrive in Vlissengen on July 22nd for the Youth Forum Opening Ceremony that evening!

For more information on the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum, click here or contact the Youth Forum Director, Veronika Vlckova, at

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